Cyprus Wedding Photos

The Cyprus wedding of Melissa and Richard Lindley

Melissa and Richard held the Cyprus wedding at the Columbia Beach resort in Pissouri Paphos. Now, normally I talk about the day and tell you everything we did, however this time I want to tell you their story. Rich and Mel were first boyfriend and girlfriend when they were eight (can you just imagine how cute they were). Their families both lived in Kuwait and when the first war happened they all had to leave. Mel's family went to Dubai and Rich's family went back to the UK, so that would be that you would think. And then Facebook happened. Mel found Rich, and (and this is in her own words) she stalked him and got him. If you had to pay for Skype, it would have cost them an absolute fortune. Rich moved to Dubai, and the rest as they say is history. This was one of the most loved up couples I've had the pleasure of sharing their day with, it was really lovely. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Lindley.





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