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An interview with Ruth, the owner of Paphos Prestige Weddings

As promised, this year I am shaking my blog up a bit. I have asked some of the lovely people that I do weddings with to tell me a little bit about themselves, and what they do. paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography009

This first article is about Ruth Walton and her company Paphos Prestige Weddings. We have worked together on many weddings and I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love a wedding that has a great wedding planner involved. Here is a little bit about Ruth and some photos from some of the weddings that we have done together.

paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography001How long has your business been established and what do you do?

I have been working as a wedding coordinator here in Paphos for around 15 years, 12 of which running my own business, which now employs 4 staff.  paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography004

What words best describe you? Ohh difficult one, I enjoy having fun, I think I am very friendly, but I can be very ‘anal’ when it comes to attention to detail!!paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography002


What do you love most about your work? The actual wedding day, very few weddings pass by without me getting a lump in my throat.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography007

Do you have a favourite ceremony and / or reception location in Cyprus. I have several, Ethnographical Museum, Minthis Hills Monestry, Elea Golf Club, Annabelle, Almyra, Ayii Anagyri and Kefalos Beach Hotels. (Sorry there are more, so I hope I haven’t offended too many people, but all of the places above only do one wedding a day and therefore can fully commit to the wedding couple).  paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography006  

Describe your wedding planning style Thorough.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography003

How can our readers (Brides & Grooms) benefit from your service

 I feel that at this question I must indicate the difference between the services we offer and what the major tour operators and hotel coordinators offer. We tailor-make every wedding to each couples requirements, the couple have the choice of all suppliers and services, we do not insist that they use our recommended suppliers, but feel that we suggest the best in their fields so are confident that you will get no-one better, but at the end of the day, it is your wedding and you can choose to use who you want and we will work and liaise with them. We are contracted to work for the couple, we have no obligation to what is best for our company or our hotel, only what they want for their wedding day.  paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography008


If you could give one piece of advice to brides to-be, what would it be?

Think of what you want and do it, its your day, so if you do what you want then everyone else will enjoy it.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography010

Is there a person or a business who inspires you?

Only people who are lucky enjoying doing the work they do. I was once told if you enjoy your work, you will never work a day in your life, and I tend to agree.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography013

If you were to plan your dream wedding, what would it be like?

The one I had, having the people around me who mattered and just smiling the whole day. I say to my brides I had the most wonderful wedding day and still remember it (especially when I smell freesias, it really comes back), I want my couples to have that feeling.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography017

Is there a particular moment that you just love during a wedding? When the groom sees the bride for the first time.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography012

Is there a particular aspect you love most about your job? Just being involved in what you hope will be one of the best days of someone’s life.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography014

How do you feel when you are putting the last pieces of an event together? I can only relax when I have left and feel that was a good job done.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography016

What’s going to be popular for 2014 / 2015? I think people are going to take a step back and go more traditional and of course be more cost conscious so therefore be more aware of what matters for the day.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography018

What inspires your styles? !!! The bridepaphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography020

What’s the hardest part of your job? Saying goodbye, and although you do keep in touch with quite a few couples (Christmas card list gets longer every year), you do miss quite a few of the conversations you have had during the course of the planning.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography021

What has been the most unusual request you’ve had? I can honestly say, I don’t think we have had anything you would regard as too unusual or even unobtainable.paphos-prestige-weddings-cyprus-images-photography015

Thankyou Ruth, some great answers there, they show the passion and commitement that you have for what you do.

Check out Ruth's website here



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