Chris and Kerissa's wedding in Paphos

Chris and Kerissa held their beautiful wedding in Cyprus at the Amathus Hotel in Paphos. Sometimes, everything just falls into place wonderfully. I had a beautiful bride, a gorgeous groom, a fabulous hotel and later on in the day, the most amazing light. We captured some great photos and had a great day. I met up with Kerissa in her room as she was getting ready, and got lots of lovely photos of her before I went and met up with Chris and his boys. The ceremony was held out on the lawn over looking the sea. We did lots of group photos and then went for cake and cocktails. Later on in the afternoon, when the light was amazing I took Chris and Kerissa off for some photos of just the two of them and some sunset photos. We then all made our way to the Lodge restaurant for the night's entertainment. Chris and Kerissa had worked on their own dance, which was fabulous and then I left them to party. They very kindly left me a testimonial Fantastic service from first meeting right the way through to producing the wedding book. Couldn't recommended Nicky highly enough: she made us all feel very at ease with her relaxed, cheerful and humorous manner. We all had so much fun being snapped. She also took each and every request into account, staying with us for as long as we required (15:00-gone midnight). Quality and range of photos was spot-on, too. 10/10 and then some! A huge thank you, Chris and Kerissa

You can see their slideshow here


Why you should have professional wedding photos

I made one of my brides cry yesterday! Why would you do that? That’s just nasty, there’s no need for that, I hear you cry. cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings003And normally I would never intentionally make anyone cry. However, this time I was happy to do just that. Ok, enough teasing, I made her cry because, 2 years ago, when she got married, she had a disc of all of her wedding photos, and she loved them. Her new hubby (bless him, she has trained him so much better since) lent the disc to an ex colleague of hers and they never saw it again.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings004 She sent me a heartfelt message on Facebook asking if it was at all possible to have another copy of their photos. Fortunately, I keep two backup copies of all of the wedding photos that I take, for just this situation.  So I’ve burned them a disc, it’s in the post and so within a few days, I’ll be making her smile.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings005

This then got me to thinking, if wedding photos can evoke that kind of emotion, 2 years on, this to me has to be the reason why you have a professional photographer to capture your day. I will always try to capture the emotions of the day, I will help you to keep the memories of your very special day alive for years to come. cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings008 I will help you to create some beautiful photos and I will also capture the spontaneous moments of the day.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings009

Some people say that they can’t afford to pay for a professional photographer, and as much as I understand budgetary constraints as much as the next person, you are paying out possibly thousands of pounds/euros/dollars (whichever currency, it’s still a lot of 000s), for a day that will fly by in an instant, think how quickly the time has gone since you first got engaged, and then compare that to just one day.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings010 You won’t remember huge amounts of your day, but you may well look back at your photos in two years’ time and think, oh yes, I remember that, and just smile. Most families have someone who “has a nice camera”, (he’s known as “Uncle Bob” amongst professional photographers), who has told you not to bother paying for a professional, he will take your wedding photos for you.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings011 And that’s great, as long as he has an in depth knowledge of your venue, so he knows all of the best places to take you to capture those magical shots. As long as he has photographed many weddings, so he knows exactly what happens and when, (so he doesn’t miss the vital parts such as exchanging rings or the first kiss).cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings012 As long as he has back up equipment, just in case his “nice camera” should fail just as you are walking down the aisle. (You would be amazed how many times I hear people saying during the ceremony that their batteries are dead) and finally, as long as he has the knowledge to then work on your photos to make them look like professional wedding photos that you can be proud of in years to come, rather than just family snaps.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings014 Please don’t think I’m being derogatory about Uncle Bob, I have had many many conversations with him at many weddings and he’s a lovely man.cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings015

 Maybe there is something that is on your huge list that you could possibly do without, but could you really do without the memories that well taken, professional photos will evoke for you, for years to come?cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings016cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings017cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings021cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings020cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings019cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings022cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings025cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings023cyprus-images-photography-exclusive-yacht-weddings027

These photos were taken on The Ocean Flyer, one of Exclusive Yact Weddings beautiful yachts, and Leanne, your photos are on their way and should be with you very soon xx If you would like to talk to me about your wedding photography, pleae feel free to contact me here

L'Amour Cyprus Weddings

Today I have interviewed Louise, who owns and runs L'Amour Cyprus Weddings. Louise and I do loads of weddings together, I think she is probably one of the busiest wedding planners in Cyprus. Her attention detail is amazing, her friendly, open and honest attitiude is a hit with all of her wedding couples and their families.lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography001 There was even one of her brides last year that told me she felt as though Louise was now a part of her family. She has worked with her suppliers for many years, and only works with the best, therefore she provides the very best for her couples. Here is what she had to say. We do weddings together all over the island. Last year we went to Ayia Napa, Protaras, Larnaca, Limassol and of course Paphos. You can check out Louise's facebook page here'amourcyprusweddingslamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography002


How long has your business been established?

I have worked as a Wedding planner in Cyprus for over 9 years now.lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography003lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography004

What words best describe you?

Friendly, honest and hardworking .lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography005lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography006lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography007

What do you love most about your work?

Listening to different Wedding couples explaining to me what their Dream wedding is and helping them achieve it. Every Wedding is Different .lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography008lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography009

Do you have a favourite ceremony and / or reception location in Cyprus?

Not a Favorite as there are so many beautiful venues and locations to choose from ,they all have something  unique and different to offer, so hard to choose one favorite.lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography010lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography011

Describe your wedding planning style,

I adapt my Wedding style to suit my couples. I am honest and will give advice, ideas and suggestions. I think the most important wedding planning style to have as a wedding planner is to listen to your couples and help them achieve a unique and special wedding day.lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography012lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography013

How can our readers (Brides & Grooms) benefit from your service?

I run my own small wedding company here in Cyprus so I am passionate about offering a personal, professional experience to all my wedding couples. From the moment they make contact with me right up to the moment the bride  sweeps down the aisle I am their personal wedding planner, I give my couples the freedom to create a Bespoke wedding and let them choose exactly what they want on their special Day and within their Budget. lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography014 lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography015lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography016lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography017

If you could give one piece of advice to brides to-be, what would it be?

Keep a Book and fill it with loads of ideas, colours, pictures and images of what you want for your wedding. Relax and don’t stress about other people.lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography018lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography019

Is there a particular moment that you just love during a wedding?

When the bride is just about to make her entrance to walk down the aisle and the music starts, it’s amazing !!!  always exciting and emotional . lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography020lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography021

How do you feel when you are putting the last pieces of an event together?

Proud, happy and always excited to see the couples faces when they see the overall event all pulled together .lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography022lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography023


What’s going to be popular for 2014 / 2015?

I think for 2014, I am seeing a lot of natural rustic flowers and loads of lace. Lace will be everywhere, dresses, table runners, wrapped around glass table ornaments. Also, I touched on this theme at the end of 2013, but glass jam jars with straws  filled with punch  and served at the cocktail reception was a great idea and I think this trend will continue for 2014 .lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography024lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography025lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography026


What’s the hardest part of your job?

Saying goodbye to couples and their families that I have been in contact with for sometimes up to 2 years, helping them plan their wedding and building up a  file of their special day, you become  connected and then after the wedding you have to say goodbye .That’s the hardest part for me .lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography027lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography028lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography029lamour-weddings-cyprus-cyprus-images-photography030

David and Lynsey's Wedding in Agia Napa

David and Lynsey held their wedding in Cyprus at the Olympic Lagoon hotel. This was a great wedding because David is a photographer and wanted to go play and try lots of different things. Lynsey, bless her, was very patient with both of us, but she was a beautiful bride and we captured some amazing photos. After the ceremony and lots of photos at the hotel we went off to play. We went to the kissing tree and then down to sea caves and then along to Agia Thekla. It was a great day, a lovely wedding and a fabulous couple. You can see their slideshow here


An interview with Kevin, The Cyprus Piper

This week I've been talking to Kevin, The Cyprus Piper. I have photogrpahed lots of weddings where Kevin is piping. He even did an impromptu pipe for a bride of mine when we saw him practising once on our way back from a beach shoot. He adds a certain something to weddings and I am now starting to recognise some of the tunes that he plays. You definitely know when the bride is arriving and I think the sound that Kevin produces is amazing.


How long has your business been established and what do you do? :- I am a member of the R.S.P.B.A. ( and have been playing the Bagpipes for 30 yrs at Competition band and Solo level throughout the UK


What words best describe you? :- Friendly & Honest


What do you love most about your work?:- Doing something that you love doing and being paid for it


Do you have a favourite ceremony and / or reception location in Cyprus:- None, they all have beautiful settings


Describe your wedding planning style:- Listening and advising of various options  for the couple to explorecyprus-images-photography-the-cyprus-piper010

How can our readers (Brides & Grooms) benefit from your service? They will benefit from the happy memories that will last a life time


If you could give one piece of advice to brides to-be, what would it be?:- Work your budget out and keep to it and not listen to forum chat



Is there a particular moment that you just love during a wedding?:- The ability to bring out emotions from people, to see the tears of joy


Is there a particular aspect you love most about your jobPlaying good music from the oldest musical instrument known to man


How do you feel when you are putting the last pieces of an event together? : - Happy

What’s going to be popular for 2014 / 2015?:-  More & more wedding couple’s opting for good musicians playing at the wedding


What’s the hardest part of your job? :- There is none

What has been the most unusual request you’ve had? :- Too many to mention that I could write a book lol


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